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Relevance of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Don’t we all know of several websites that provide recommendations based on consumer purchase patterns like Flipkart and Amazon? This is possible with the help of machine learning and the real-world examples that they use. Machine learning is the process of teaching machines to identify recurring patterns by providing data and an algorithm to work with the data. The process has helped a lot in the field of healthcare and has provided several development and progress.

Machine learning is another way of training machines to identify patterns and provide an outcome known as model. This outcome helps to determine the trend and predict what the future holds for us in various sectors of healthcare. Let us look at the relevance of machine learning in healthcare sectors:

  1. Identification of disease and diagnosis – diagnosing a disease is a time-consuming process and in most cases, the patients don’t have that much time and need immediate medical attention. In such cases machine learning helps to identify the disease, monitor the health condition and suggest the medical attention that is required for the patient. The scope of artificial intelligence is huge and medical science is taking full advantage of this for the right reasons.
  2. Discovery of drugs – machine learning algorithm works hand in hand with the R&D technologies to come up with breakthrough discovery of drugs that can cure certain chronic ailments. These are next generation sequencing processes that help find solution to various health problems. Manufacturing a new drug is a long process that requires a lot of time since there are several compounds involved that requires testing at various levels. This testing is important before we can draw a conclusion on its usefulness. Machine learning eases and stimulates the entire process.
  3. Predicting diseases – the technologies involved in machine learning are used extensively to monitor and predict global outbreaks if any. There is a large volume of data available to medical scientists and they need to implement the machine learning techniques. These techniques are useful to collaborate this network of information and predict a wide range of health issues, from a severe chronic disease to a minor health issue. It is because of machine learning that medical scientists are able to foresee the severity of the current global pandemic and provide necessary preventive measures.

Machine learning is often misunderstood as the concept of the future. On the contrary, it needs to be adapted today along with the various tools it comes with. The application of machine learning in the field of healthcare makes tremendous advancement benefitting the entire field of medicine.

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